Custom Endorsements

"I use to be amazed when I listened to the work from Midi I just expect greatness.  Midi Hits has been one of the important keys to our bands success."

Byron, keyboards & bass

The group Sherreece is based out of New Orleans with 9 Hit CDs.
To see them perform or to pick up their CDs, visit their web site, or visit Bryon's web here and catch what he's up to these days.


I love your sequences.

Have used them for years in my smaller groups.
They are the best I've found.

Dave Huffman
The Foundations
"Build Me Up Buttercup"
"Baby Now That I Found You"

Bill Deal's Original Rhondels


Regardless of the style of music we're looking for, we've learned that Midi-Hits has it covered and does it so well.  It's so easy to accommodate a client's special  (and usually last-minute!) requests by logging on the Midi-Hits website.  We also like the monthly newsletters featuring the tracks of the month!

Steve Ambrose
Bill Deal's Original Rhondels


Hi Guys,

I am a solo duo act from Sydney Australia and I do around 150+ shows a year.

I am writing to say thanks you and to let you know that your midi files are the best in the business. They make my job a absolute pleasure.

The mix and arrangements are second to none and the range of available tracks is astounding. On more than one occasion MidiHits has pulled the fat out of the fire for me when I have had to source a pro quality midi file of a particular track that a client had requested.

I am constantly asked by both the public and other professionals how it is my backing tracks sound "just like the record" and I always let them know that Midi-Hits are responsible for the great sounding tracks and that they are the top of the pops........please feel free to quote me on this!

Keep up the great work!

Yours Sincerely,
Nick Andrews


"I have ordered numerous tracks from you and as I have told you are the VERY BEST in the industry, on the vast majority of your tracks, in consistently producing recognizable and hit song reproduction of the original hits as they appeared on the air.  What I haven't told you is that I am the original...and current...guitarist with THREE DOG NIGHT."

Michael Allsup, Guitarist
Three Dog Night



"Thanks to Midi Hits we can be a three-piece band and make more money. If you are ever in Cody, Wyoming which is just outside of Yellowstone Park east entrance,we would love to have you as our guest at our nightclub and restaurant Cassie's."

The West Band

"After trying every brand of midi files out there, my act is run exclusively with Midi Hits.  If you want to sound great, you have to start with the best backing tracks.. nothing comes even close to the Midi Hits quality."

All Hill

Dear Midi Hits
I've been using your midis for two years now and I felt it was time I let you know how much I appreciate your excellent work. The quality of your midis was never demonstrated more clearly to me than this week when I could not find a song I was looking for on your website and I was forced (kicking and screaming) to buy it form one of your "competitors" (as if you really had any competition). As I listened to the newly purchased song and compared it to the original recording I was frustrated to find that many of the elements of the original song were missing. We're not talking simple little things like a missed cymbal crash either... there is a critical break in the original song that was completely missing in the midi version! The drum tracks were not exploded, making it very hard to use my Proteus 2000 sound module, which is not GM compatible.  I was angry because this meant I was going to have to spend several hours with Sonar exploding the drums and fixing performance errors (the very thing I wish to avoid when I purchase midis). In desperation, I decided to check your site for the song one more time... maybe I typed in the wrong search criteria or something.  This time I found the song (there was partying and cheering going on at my place!). I immediately downloaded the song and listened to it. EVERYTHING was there! There was nothing out of place, all was as it was recorded by the original artist.
All I can say to anyone who is serious about their performance is, if you use free midis from the net, you get what you pay for (nothing) and if you buy your midis elsewhere, you're gambling with your nine bucks. Put your money on a sure thing at Midi Hits where the quality is always superb and the end result is the absolute best you can do.
And now a couple questions.
I think your fans would be interested in knowing something about your history, personnel, and your recording process. It amazes me that you can produce so many songs each and every week. How many people does it take to do this? It's hard to imagine one person sitting in a room with a keyboard and a sound module producing so many excellent songs. Do you assign various instruments to specific people (you know like one person records the drums, another the guitar, etc)? How long does it actually take to produce a song? Maybe give us a run down on the life of a Midi Hits song start to finish.  I would also like to know what equipment you use.
Hey, thanks for listening, and thanks for all your excellent work.


I just had to drop an email and tell you how great your staff is. The people who actually sequence my (mostly) smooth jazz tunes are excellent at their craft. I tweak the volumes and voila! a great sequence. I have even had professionals and really great performers ask "who's that drummer?" or "how did you get the sax off the original?"
Correctly or incorrectly, I imagine the same person doing all the recent smooth jazz stuff. Am I right on that? My favorite recent purchase was Coco by Richard Elliot. Outrageous. My favorite "oldie" is probably Crush but they are all very, very good. I currently perform 62 of your tracks in my single smooth jazz gig and another book of them with a vocalist.
Many thanks for all the hard work. I recommend you highly to every musician who asks.
Dave Lehrman
(former saxophonist with The Four Tops and The Temptations)

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know just how much your service means to me.
I perform 6 days a week at Jimmy Buffett's newest Margaritaville Cafe in Myrtle Beach, SC and until I found you I was spending most nights up programing new Buffett tunes.
Your quality greatly exceeds my own at the same time gives me a bit of time to sit back and watch the weather chanel for updates on the next damn hurricane heading our way.
Thanks guys and bring us some more Buffett tunes!!!