About Midi Hits:

Based in the Silicon Valley of California, Midi Hits took root in 1989 when the midi technology was just getting started. In the early years, the only standardization was the file format itself (SMF standard midi file). This meant that the file could work on PC and Mac computers. In the meantime, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Alesis, and other manufacturers had their own proprietary formats - all different from one another. So calling up a sax on one unit may be a guitar on another in a different octave.

General Midi
Eventually General Midi (GM) slipped in with Roland being the first to offer equipment using it. Midi Hits was the first major producer to offer GM based product and the first major producer to add melody tracks as part of the overall composition.

Initially, Midi Hits did business via mail order and through advertising in music related magazines. As the internet became viable, Midi Hits became the first music company to offer direct downloaded music. Customers could order and download immediately not having to wait for an email to have their order sent. Also, Midi Hits invented 'check-off' shopping cart technology. This meant that users could check off a item that goes into their shopping cart without changing the screen. The screen stayed right there and if the user 'unchecked' his selection, the item would leave his shopping cart.

With a newly updated website, Midi Hits takes another step beyond. Tabulated search results screens means all the search results are there waiting for you. Just click the tab you want and presto..it's there! Music On Hold allows you to store songs for future purchases where you can interact between your cart and your 'on hold' music. As you select or deselect items, watch them in real time drop in or drop out of your Real-Time Cart. Midi Hits will even advise you about which items have been added since your last visit.