When you purchase a Midi Hit, you are actually purchasing a license to perform Midi Hits arrangements. This license does not grant you the right to distribute, or duplicate the arrangement. You may not reproduce a Midi Hit for distribution of any kind including electronic distribution. Midi Hits may not be used or played on web sites...or used in part or in total as background music within a distributed tape, CD, or digital distribution.

If you wish to use a Midi Hit for background music on a recording to be distributed on tape,CD, mini disc or other means, you must first obtain a distribution license from midi hits as well as a mechanical license from the publisher(s) who own the copyrights. For information, Click to email

All Midi Hits arrangements are produced and copyright (p) by Midi Hits.

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Pirates: Because of the increase of pirates, Midi Hits distributes it's tracks with invoice #'s embedded in the track which can not be seen or removed without destroying the track. A track found on the web will now lead the authorities to the original pirate.

For more information, contact our technical department at (941) 923-8543.