Your Personal Data:
Your privacy is important to you, and with all the publicity of many sites offering private information to government agencies, we take this privacy seriously.

When you create a Midi Hits ID (a combination of username and password), your information is held within the Midi Hits environment. Not one piece of information is offered to or shared with any company, website, or agency whatsoever.

We may add your name to our own subscription list. You may remove yourself from this with one click of the mouse aimed at the removal link at the bottom of any of these emails.

Secured Server:
At the time of purchase, you will be on a secured server (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption) and - on top of that- your credit card is encrypted.

Midi Hits uses 'cookie' technology in a few ways. 1. If you select the option to have your browser remember your login so that you do not have to log in each time you use the Midi Hits site, data will be stored on your computer called a 'cookie'. 2. Your shipping card. In order to recognize your cart as yours, a cookie data is stored on your computer. 3. Music On Hold requires data to be stored on your computer in order to match up to your stored selections.